Beba’s Restaurant
Bolivian Food


  1. Sopa de Mani (Peanut soup)- peanuts, beef, vegetables, potatoes and noodles.
  2. Chairo Soup- Chuño (dehydrated potatoes) beef, potatoes and vegetables.

Pork Dishes

  1. Fricase- pork in chile soup, chuño (dehydrated potatoes) and hominy.
  2. Chicharron- Fried pork, chuño (dehydrated potatoes) and hominy.

Chicken Dishes

  1. Sajta (picante de pollo)- chicken with yellow sauce, chuño (dehydrated potatoes), rice and potatoes.
  2. Picante Mixto- chicken with yellow sauce, tongue w/ red sauce, chuño (dehydrated potatoes), rice and potatoes.
  3. Milanesa Chicken or Beef- chicken or beef breaded, French fries, rice and salad.
  4. Pollo Asado- Fried chicken breast, French fries, rice and salad.

Beef Dishes

  1. Silpancho- beef breaded, fried eggs, fried potatoes, rice and salad.
  2. Falso Conejo- beef breaded with red sauce, potatoes, chuño (dehydrated potatoes), and rice.
  3. Pique A Lo Macho- beef pieces, frankfurter in hot sauce, French fries, onion, tomatoes and mustard.
  4. Lomo Montado- steak, fried eggs with onions and sweet pepper, French fries, fried banana and rice.
  5. Chorrellana- beef with onions, tomatoes and sweet pepper, French fries, and rice.

Other Dishes

  1. Trucha (typical or w/ salad)- fish and rice (yellow sauce, chuño (dehydrated potatoes) and regular potatoes, or French fries and salad)
  2. Aji De Lengua- beef tongue with red sauce, chuño (dehydrated potatoes), rice and potatoes.

Special Dishes

  1. Lechon Al Horno- pork, potatoes, sweet potatoes and banana baked w/ salad.
  2. Thimpu- lamb with yellow sauce, potatoes, rice, potatoes and lamb soup
  3. Plato Paceño- beef, fried cheese, Bolivian corn, rice and salad.
  4. Chorizo- Bolivian sausage, fried bread, rice and salad.
  5. Aji De Papaliza- beef pieces with yellow sauce, papaliza, black potatoes and rice.


  1. Salteñas- meat pie with beef, chicken, eggs, raisin, vegetables, and olives.
  2. Empanadas De Queso- cheese pastry.
  3. Cuñape- cheese ball bread.
  4. Humintas Al Horno- milled corn, cheese, cinnamon and sugar.


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